ALpenHOFF is now FREE to watch.

ALpenHOFF is now FREE to watch.

ALPENHOFF THE MOVIE from willie mcmillon on Vimeo.

It’s the best winter the American West has seen in twenty years… it’s the worst anyone in Switzerland can remember. Touted by some as the, “The poorest decision in the professional snowboarding”, experience the harrowing tale of a group of snowboarders who abandoned the deepest powder on record for little more than an idea. Jump on the train and into “alpenHOFF” – a place where the outlook was bleak, the bank accounts were barren, but the possibilities were endless.
“Yeah David Hasselhoff is in this movie…”

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  • Snowboarding... it was better when you hated us.
  • TEAM

    Travis Rice
    Nicolas Muller
    Mark Carter
    John Jackson
    Scotty Lago
    Andrew Hardingham
    Marc Frank Montoya
    Kurt Wastell
    Chris Coulter
    Dave Smellie
    Bryan Iguchi
    Kevin Jones
    Bjorn Leines
    Sammy Luebke
    J.J. Thomas
    Jamie Lynn
    Chad Otterstrom
    Jeremy Jones
    Mark Landvik
    Kale Stephens
    Johan Oloffson
    Kyle Clancy
    Adam Dowell
    Doran Laybourn
    Russel Winfield
    Forrest Shearer
    Mike Parillo
    Colin Langlois
    John Makens
    Alex Yoder
    Mikey Marohn
    Blake Paul
    Cam Fitzpatrick
    Chuck T.
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